Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC: A contract that effectively takes care of your printing and copying equipment.

Printers and Copiers are essential to your businesses and therefore a maintenance agreement that stipulates when and how repairs will be done can help to ensure that you get the best results and productivity from your investment.

Mindscope Technologies has an experienced and fully certified team of engineers. Our Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) ensures timely and skilful work for small business & cooperate clients. With dedicated on-call support and a response time that is well above the industry average, we seek to help our clients maintain their equipment’ performance at the desired level. Our aim is to ensure that we cover your needs as well as help you in taking preventive measures at the most affordable rates.

Our AMCs are tailored to individual client requirements and come devoid of any hidden charges. As mentioned, our team of engineers is highly qualified and can work on different models of printers, including HP, Canon, Kyocera, among others. We are happy to provide written quotations, arrange meetings in person, or to discuss quotes over the phone.

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